Town history

Korneuburg over the course of timezur deutschen Seite

Originating as a settlement on the riverbank, Korneuburg was linked to Klosterneuburg, under the name Nivenburg, for several hundred years.

1298 Duke Albrecht I grants Korneuburg the status of a town, marking its formal separation from Klosterneuburg.

1450 Rebuilt after a devastating fire, the town is declared a sovereign fortress and from this point on is involved in numerous wars.

1477 After a 22-week siege, Korneuburg is captured by the King of Hungary, Matthias Corvinus. Its fall also seals the fate of Vienna and the King takes up residence in the Hofburg, leaving a strong occupying force in Korneuburg.

1490 The war ends with the unexpected death of King Matthias Corvinus.

1645 Austria is invaded by the Swedes, who march on Haugsdorf, Hollabrunn and the area of Korneuburg. Capture by the Swedes bring financial ruin on the town.

1646 To liberate Austria from the Swedes, the Emperor moves extra regiments to Lower Austria and bitter siege warfare follows. An attack on Korneuburg using reinforcements finally leads to the re-capture of two strong-points and the Swedes end their resistance. But they leave behind a heavily damaged town and an impoverished population.

1683 Although the town's trade enjoys a gradual recovery, it is not to be long-lived. War with the Turks in 1683 brings them to the walls of Korneuburg, but they are unable to take the town. After their withdrawal to the heights of Hagenbrunn, they are defeated by Karl von Lothringen, a battle which Korneuburgers follow from the top of the walls!

1805 Occupation once more, this time by the troops of Napoleon Bonaparte.

1809 The town is again captured by French troops, bringing a period of terrible need and privation. Flour is seized and all reserves of corn, oats, bread, meat and wine requisitioned. The troops billeted in citizens' houses also have to be fed. The departing French army leaves the town heavily damaged once more, its finances ruined and its citizens impoverished.

1945 Before the end of World War II, Korneuburg is on the frontline. Half the town is badly damaged in 1945 by American bombing raids, and by the end of the war fully 50 per cent of the houses are either partly or entirely destroyed. Only 3,400 citizens remain in the town, which has to provide living quarters for around 10,000 occupying troops.

However, as soon as the war ends, reconstruction begins. Thanks to the unshakeable will of Korneuburgers to rebuild, it is possible to swiftly heal the wounds of war, and restore the town to what it is today, a flourishing and charming town!